Veterinary Surgery

The Process

Fully Integrated into Your Primary Care Veterinary Practice. 

Our Process

The Veterinary Orthopedics of California Difference


We work with your primary care veterinarian to help with a diagnosis.  This may include radiographic/CT/MRI review, examination of your pet, or evaluation of videos


Pre-recorded video consultations are provided both in hospital and in your home.  These videos provide answers to what is wrong? Why? What is recommended? The procedure? Prognosis? and at home care.

But you need more.....

We also offer telemedicine consultations to answer additional questions, clarify concerns and ensure you are comfortable with your  decisions.


Veterinary Orthopedics of California brings a state of the art, custom designed surgical suite to your primary care veterinarians facility.  This allows for a controlled environment with advanced anesthesia monitoring and surgical equipment. Our goal is to provide more procedures, decrease anesthetic risk and limit complications.

At Home Recovery

We are here to help.  As a partnership with your primary care veterinarian, we provide pre-recorded video discharges.  Additionally, we provide educational videos for procedures that we recommend at home.  

Additionally, we partner with your primary care veterinarian to aid with follow up care, radiographs, etc. Because your pet is important to us and we want you to feel comfortable that we are doing everything we can to get the best results. 

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