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Soft Tissue Disease / Surgery List:

Liver Mass

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Masses within the Liver are often removed through a liver lobectomy

Splenic Mass

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Masses within the spleen are often removed through a splenectomy

Gall Bladder Removal(Cholecystectomy)

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Gall bladder removal is commonly recommended for biliary Mucoceles

Intestinal Mass

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Intestinal masses are commonly removed through segmental removal of intestines

Intestinal Foreign Body

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Intestinal foreign bodies are commonly removed through an incision into the intestines

Megacolon and Subtotal Colectomy

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Megacolon in cats can be managed with removal of the majority of the colon

Feline Urethral Obstruction and Perineal Urethrostomy

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Urethral obstruction is a common condition in male cats which can be managed with a PU

Urinary Stones and Cystotomy

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Urinary stones can be removed via a cystotomy for diagnosis and treatment.

Kidney Mass and Nephrectomy

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Kidney Masses are usually removed via a nephrectomy or removal of the kidney

Lung Mass and Lung Lobectomy

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Lung masses are usually removed via a lung lobectomy

Cancerous Masses 

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Mass removal prognosis and surgical plan is determined by the type of tumor 

Pericardiectomy(Heart Sac Removal)

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Usually recommended when fluid is building up around the heart.

Brachycephalic Syndrome

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Breathing issues associated with bulldogs, pugs, etc. 

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